Our business model is quite simple; provide high quality, cost-effective label solutions to our client base.

Since 1993, we have been helping our customers to produce high quality barcode labels in the simplest, most cost effective manner. We guide and support our customers through the ever changing and technically demanding process of producing high quality barcodes.

Labels reflects the image of a company and quality of its products. When selecting a label and ribbon, companies generally consider quality, expertise and cost. For over a decade, Electronic Printing Consumables has helped customers solve their labeling challenges while providing superior label products.

Electronic Printing Consumables has offerings from simple paper shipping labels to labels that must withstand
long-term exposure to harsh environments.  But one thing all applications have in common is the need for the label to dependably perform its critical role without degrading or falling off.  Whatever your application, EPC has the right labeling solution that you can count on.

Electronic Printing Consumables specializes in the highest quality custom products and has one of the largest
selection of stock thermal transfer and direct thermal media in the market. In addition to our excellent service and value, what makes us different from other suppliers is our expertise.

We handle of variety of blank labels and tags to be imprinted by direct thermal, thermal transfer, laser or dot-matrix printers of all types. Our 14+ years of experience with these print technologies ensures our expertise with the different types of label materials and thermal transfer ribbons available. We understand the differences in material face coating and ribbons required by the various printer manufactures.